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Prestige Fire and Flues: Chimney Lining - Chimney Relining - Chimney Liner

The number one cause of chimney fires is from chimney liners that do not work properly.
Every chimney must have a liner in good working condition in order to operate safely. The liner must be able to withstand extreme heat and harsh gases to funnel the combustible byproducts out through the top of the chimney. Without a chimney liner, sparks from the fire may ignite the combustible materials surrounding the chimney walls and the gases from the fire may deteriorate the interior of the chimney and cause major structural damage down the line.

How to tell if your chimney needs lining or relining?

Have you ever noticed that your fireplace smells strongly, or that excess smoke is backed up into your home rather than out through the chimney? If the answer is yes then you may need to replace your chimney liner. These problems are indicators that your chimney is not venting properly and the system should be checked by a chimney professional before further use.

A deteriorated liner can cause serious problems for your home if repairs are neglected!

Need to have your chimney relined and live in the greater London area? Give us a call at 0748 024 8382 or 0800 756 1094, or fill out our convenient contact form.

At Prestige Fire and Flues, we can troubleshoot your chimney problems to find and fix whatever is wrong with your fireplace system. Call us today to have your chimney liner professionally inspected!

How the Thermocrete chimney lining system works :

The basic concept of the system is simple but extremely effective. A rubber former is inserted precisely in position through the entire length of the flue. Special techniques are used to keep the former centralised, even if the flue has a 45° bend. Thermocrete B2 material is pumped into the flue from the top of the chimney stack filling all voids, cracks and damaged joints. When the Thermocrete has hardened, the former is deflated and removed leaving a perfectly smooth cylindrical flue. Thermocrete Chimney Linings are installed in accordance with the Building Regulations 2000 (DocJ).

The Benefits:

  • Quality Assured 25 year Guarantee
  • Quick Clean installations
  • Minimal Disturbance
  • Increased Appliance Efficiency
  • Reinforced Chimney
  • Gas Tight Flue
  • Cleaner Living Environment
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Suitable for All Fuels
  • Domestic and Industrial Use