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Professional Chimney Repair & Restoration in Greater London

Has your chimney been severely battered by the weather? The expansion/contraction process that occurs in the interim between the seasons can inflict major damage on a chimney. Add to that wind and hail, snow and ice, and severe weather, and chimneys that are ageing or that were improperly built can erode over time or topple over altogether.

A chimney that’s leaning or missing bricks poses a danger to your property and those on it. A damaged chimney is also unsuitable for use, as it may prove to be fire hazard. Make an appointment today for a chimney inspection so you can rest easy knowing your chimney is in good working condition.

If you live in the London area, call Prestige Fire and Flues to rebuild your chimney better than ever. With a decade of experience in the chimney industry, we know the chimney inside and out.

Prestige Fire and Flues offers a full range of repair services for chimneys.

Are you based in the Greater London area? If your problem has anything to do with a chimney, consider it fixed. Reach Prestige Fire and Flues at 0748 024 8382 or 0800 756 1094.

Our trained technicians at Prestige Fire and Flues are experts at finding and fixing chimney leaks. If you think you might have a chimney leak, call us right away for effective chimney repairs and maintenance.