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Prestige Fire and Flues is a member of HETAS and the Institute of Chimney Sweeps and has been keeping the chimneys and fireplaces of the greater London area clean and efficient for the last decade. Our technicians receive extensive training and continuously add to their knowledge through industry leaders like NACS. With Prestige Fire and Flues on the job, you can be confident that an honest, reliable service is guaranteed.

Our Mission

The mission of Prestige Fire and Flues is to offer prompt, professional chimney and dryer vent cleaning and inspections with minimal interruptions into our customers’ daily lives. We want our customers to be safe and secure using their fireplaces without worry of a major catastrophe.

We strive to provide expert cleaning and inspections to our customers with low-cost, reliable service in a timely fashion.

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If you live in the Greater London area and are looking for a pleasant service experience and the knowledge that your job was done correctly, why not give Prestige Fire and Flues a call on 0748 024 8382 or 0800 756 1094, or use our contact page to request an appointment online!

​We look forward to showing you a level of professionalism and quality like no other!

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