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A fireplace offers warmth, comfort and elegance. In many cases a fireplace will be the main focal point of your home, so let’s work together to draw the kind of attention you want.

We remove old fireplaces, install new fireplaces, and perform complete fireplace remodeling in the Greater London area. If you are having trouble choosing a fireplace or would like to find out more about our prices then feel free to contact us either by phone on 0748 024 8382 or 0800 756 1094, or by using our convenient contact form.

Whether you are looking to upgrade or replace your fireplace, need an annual check-up, or need to address an operational issue, Prestige Fire & Flues are here to help. Our technical service team undergoes extensive training and is ready to provide you with a professional service.

Looking for a fireplace installation or repair service in the Greater London area? Give us a call at 0748 024 8382 or 0800 756 1094!